Nilocas Ltd

Nilocas Ltd is developing a medical device that is set to revolutionize the detection of Coronary Artery Disease in a variety of care settings, using a non- invasive detection system. The device is a patch placed on the chest which captures the sounds of turbulent blood flow as it navigates through coronary arteries (stenosis), narrowed due to disease.
Non invasive Coronary Heart Disease detection in all care settings
In the UK 250,000 people have a diagnostic cardiac angiogram (BHF 2023) to detect coronary heart disease (CHD). Of these 65% of patients are found not to have CHD. The angiogram is invasive requiring a cannula to be passed into an artery and may use high levels of radiation to perform the imaging. If the Nilocas device works as expected it could diagnose CHD prior to a patient having an expensive angiogram. This would result in appropriate patients only having angiograms and save significant costs.
Nilocas detects Coronary Heart Disease by the signal caused by the turbulence of blood flow through diseased arteries
The device uses microphones and accelerometers to detect the disturbed flow through the narrowed artery.